Our Activities

We operate in different fields with our long term focus being on agricultural trading, livestock supply, specialised heavy equipment supply and after sales support, as well as real estate sector.

Agricultural Products

We are supplier and distributor of crop nutrition and protection products and seeds. We focus on sourcing, marketing and handling the logistics of wide product range as well as looking out for new trends to improve crop productivity.


In coorperation with our local partners we select and deliver premium livestock according to client and market requirements and provide milk farm planning and development services.

Heavy Equipment

Thanks to our established relationships with different manufacturers on three continents we offer a wide product range and long-term after sales support of our supplied equipment and source the spare parts for customer owned equipment.

Plant Engineering

We plan and procure plant engineering projects in agricultural and industrial fields with a focus on the food processing and open-pit mining.

Real Estate and Construction

With our local and foreign partners we plan, finance and (re-)build various real estate projects on the territories of Switzerland and Eastern Europe.